testimonial life coach cheshire

Below you can read some testimonials of client who have entrusted Your Top Life Coach in Cheshire for life and business coaching.




My marriage of 12 years had just ended when I was feeling down, anxious, afraid of moving forward. My confidence was on floor and was doubting myself constantly. Orietta with a variety of techniques and her warm approach helped me get back in control of my life, understand what I want now from a relationship point of view and I feel confident and happy because I like and love myself more.
When I contacted Orietta, I was unsatisfied about my role in the company. I had recently been appointed manager and had a lot of fears during meetings, presentations, and in groups in general even in my personal life. After only 6 sessions, I feel in control during all the situations in which I was experiencing fears, I am confident in my capabilities and much happier overall.
I used Orietta’ services because I wanted to create and implement a Business Plan in order to step up in my business. I am a psychologist and I work with clients with addictions. Orietta helped me understand and focus on all the critical areas of my business that needed to get better for me to be able to have a viable business. We have designed a plan of actions in between sessions which helped my motivation and my focus and with her help I am now very satisfied to say I am financially independent.
“I have used Orietta’ services via Skype because I was very stressed and had panic attacks whilst driving to the point where I was only driving a couple of miles to work and back. This had been going on for over 10 years and it was causing a lot of problems within myself and with my family as every time I was taking them out in the car I was ending up with a panic attach. With the help of Orietta, I can now take my family on holiday, on days trips and our lives has completely changed. I understand now what happened and through a lot of techniques taught and practiced with Orietta I feel in control of what is happening to me. I don’t suffer from panic attacks anymore. I found Orietta as caring and supportive attitude towards my problem, she is very knowledgeable and empathetic. Thank you”