Bespoke Executive Coaching for Managers and Leaders

Executive Coaching in Cheshire to support Managers and Leaders in their roles. Something the majority of executives have in common is the feeling of isolation by being in a leadership role, with no support and with the pressure of their subordinates who look up to them and expect support and guidance. They have no one to turn to as they also feel they can’t show signs of doubt both to their superiors and members of their teams.

Turning to Career Executive Coaching for Managers and Leaders helps you to feel at ease and confident in your position knowing that there is somebody backing you up, giving you the professional support you need in total privacy and confidentiality.

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • Have you just accepted or been promoted to a new position? Are in your first 90 days in your new position?
  • Do you know you can do the job but still need confidence boost and support?
  • Do you feel the pressure of a high powered job and would like a professional to listen to you and offer specialist guidance?

Executive Coaching

Orietta is not only a Life Coach, but is also an NLP Master, Mindfulness Teacher, Hypnotherapist and has a good extensive knowledge and experience in how our mind works. She is proficient in many techniques to help you:

  • Increase your Confidence at work
  • Improve Communication
  • Manage Stress, Anxiety, Frustrations, Anger
  • Improve your Public Speaking
  • Replacing self-doubt with self-esteem
  • Focus and Motivation
  • Increase your overall happiness and love your job

Think of how your day would be if you went into work with a smile on your face, eager to through yourself into your activities and meetings with determination that you haven’t felt in a long time. How much could you accomplish?

If you went in those meetings in the office or in conferences, with clients, with your team or with your superiors with a feeling of confidence in yourself, your abilities, your self-worth and your skills and being able to talk with ease, calmly, assertively with a feeling of happiness within yourself for who you are. How good would this feel? And what domino effect would this have in your career and in your personal relationships outside work?

Executive Coaching is offered in Chester by Executive Coach Orietta and if you live in other areas or work long hours we can meet online via Facetime or Skype or just simply on the phone and have a session with exactly the same benefits. Some clients even have their coaching session in a quiet room at their workplace to free themselves time for leisure activities at the end of the day. Orietta speaks Italian as well as English and works online in various Countries.

When I contacted Orietta, I was unsatisfied about my role in the company. I had recently been appointed manager and had a lot of fears during meetings, presentations, and in groups in general even in my personal life. After only 6 sessions, I feel in control during all the situations in which I was experiencing fears, I am confident in my capabilities and much happier overall