At Your Top Life Coach we are very experienced in confidence coaching and self-esteem coaching. We help our clients improve  their confidence issues in various aspects of life. Confidence at work, after a Relationship Breakdown, confidence at interviews and  in public speaking are just some of the areas we can help you with.

As a professional confidence coach Orietta offers specific totally customised and confidential programs for social confidence coaching, programs to increase  confidence at work and confidence building after a relationship breakdown.


  • Do you have suffer from anxiety or stress or negative thinking before and when you are in social situations (i.e. new date, new friends etc.)?
  • Do you do presentations for work, clients etc. and you dread it or never feel good enough?
  • Have you recently suffered a relationship breakdown, redundancy, layoff, and you need a boost of confidence?


Coaching can help individuals gain clarity in their life’s direction and help them identify their hopes and dreams and explore what is possible for them. A life coach is a person who facilitates this discovery process and serves as a guide to help a person be the best they can be by aiming high and setting goals that can make their hopes and dreams a reality.


Confidence Coaching: we all experience times when we need  more confidence in different areas of our lives. Personal Confidence Coaching programs led by Orietta Ferraresi, focuses on the whole person, because family, career, relationships with a partner and with children are all affected by a person’s confidence level. A lack of confidence in any one of these areas spills over to the rest of a person’s life. Orietta Ferraresi focuses the client on all these areas and tries to get the client to achieve balance in all of them through a variety of techniques.


Confidence Coaching at work: many individuals experience some sort of form of low confidence when they go for a new job or career. Maybe the need to give public presentations or to speak in  front of groups during meetings arises and they don’t feel so sure of themselves and have the fear of not being able to talk effectively or to portray themselves in the way they desire.


Confidence in Public Speaking: statistics say that the things people fear the most is giving presentations. Yet nowadays we are more and more in need to stand up and talk in front of a number of people being just a few or hundreds. Orietta has a number of tools and techniques to help you feel confident at public speaking.


Confidence Coaching after a Relationship Breakdown: it is normal after a few or several years in a relationship to experience lack of confidence and low self-esteem if the relationship breakdown. Confidence and Self-Esteem programs help you get back on track, start to feel self-confident and develop assertiveness to increase your happiness because you have to love yourself first.

Several people have benefitted from Orietta’s coaching.

“Orietta helped to focus on what it really was I wanted for my future.  She gave me several exercises and practices to enable me to start making decisions for myself and was always very encouraging.  I learned how to become much more positive about what I could achieve and how to know exactly what that could be, by finding the answers in myself,” says S. Davall of Classy Cleaners.


Clients that are drawn to Confidence and Self Esteem Coaching  often have the feeling of not being “good enough”. This is one of the reason why they may end up in wrong relationships. Clients with low self-esteem and confidence don’t normally see themselves for the beautiful human being that they are, but question themselves and are very critical. An integrative approach between coaching, NLP, hypnosis, Gestalt, Time Line relationship with Orietta Ferraresi helps dramatically in improving the perception of self and gives you tools and skills to use practically on everyday situations or when the negative thoughts come along.

One of the most powerful tools Orietta uses in her coaching practice is NLP, or neuro-linguistic programming. NLP is a powerful set of insights and skills that helps the client gain confidence by using their mind, their emotions and their body to achieve more in their life and run their life successfully, and communicate with others with effectiveness. NLP is a set of mental techniques designed to enable a client to improve how they think, how they feel and how they behave. With NLP, clients will discover that they can manage their thoughts, moods and behavior in an effective and powerful manner and communicate and build rapport with others. Using these NLP techniques, Orietta Ferraresi helps clients gain confidence to acquire skills and attitudes to do whatever they thought they could not do or achieve before and gives them effective tools that they can keep on using to improve their lives.


Personal Confidence and Self Esteem Coaching can open new doors for clients and help them improve their whole lives, even if they are focusing on just one specific area where they want to change. Orietta Ferraresi helps her clients gain a sense of direction in their personal lives and their careers and builds their confidence to achieve those hopes and dreams that they may have thought out of reach. She helps clients identify limiting beliefs that may be holding them back, and pragmatically gets the clients to focus on their goals and open up to the endless possibilities that await them.

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“I have a great job, a lot of friends, a nice family and a lovely boyfriend. But still for some reason I have always found it difficult to really love myself. After 6 sessions with Orietta I have identified what was blocking me and she helped me see myself in a different light. I need to apply her teachings everyday without fail off course, otherwise I would go back to my previous negative pattern. I am much more happier now!” (Serena W. Project Manager)
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