Career coaching to boost your current career or transition into a new one

Cheshire career coach helps you improve or change  your career completely which results in job satisfaction as well as personal satisfaction.

If your are unhappy on not satisfied in your current role, career coaching helps you find new direction.

  • Are you tired of your current job/career and have you thought it is time for a change?
  • Is it time to go for that new role you have been wanting for sometime?
  • Do you need help becoming more assertive and enhance your communication skills?
  • Do you need help in finding your motivation again and enjoy your work better?
  • Are you frustrated and angry in your current role?

A career coach supports you in finding out what role would be best suited for your skills. It gives you insights in finding a new direction and helps you acquire the skills  you need to find job satisfaction whether it your current career or in a bran new position. Time management, stress management, confidence boosting, leadership skills, anger management, procrastination are just some of the areas we deal with.


Orietta Ferraresi guides and supports you to enhance your current career or to find a new one. As a professional coach she will help you with procrastination, motivation and focus, clear communication, becoming more assertive and less frustrated.

When careers are in transition, or you are making a move from one job to another, a personal career coach can make the difference in making that transition a smooth one. More and more small business owners, executives and individuals looking to make a career move are engaging the services of a career coach to guide them through the process of a career transition and insure a smooth transition through strategic and mental planning.

At the same time career coaching helps you identify if you are on your right career path.

Your Top Life Coach offers career coaching tailored to the needs of the individual with the expertise of life and business coach Orietta Ferraresi. Her extensive training in coaching coupled with over 30 years experience in the small business and corporate finance sector gives individuals an edge when making a career transition. She is a highly trained coach with certification from The Coaching Academy, along with credentials in Neuro-linguistic programming. These credentials combined with her skills help individuals design career paths that will meet their objectives and discover any roadblocks to success.

Career coaching with Your Top Life Coach is multi-faceted, and Orietta Ferraresi works with each client individually either in person or by telephone in focused sessions that identify where the client is currently, where they want to get to and then identifying the actions and steps needed to achieve the goal. Tools that are used in this career coaching process include skills and values identification, an examination of experiences and achievements, and the creation of career anchors and role clarification. These sessions also include support for CV preparation, organizational targeting based on the individual client’s goals, research and interview preparation.

Previous clients have been very happy with the career coaching skills and the instinctive counsel from Orietta Ferraresi, She helped them map out the course of action they needed to take. Once clients find a new role, she then can support them for first critical 90 days through a new entrant coaching process.
C. Smallshire, a Business Development Manager, found the coaching she received to be particularly helpful in changing her negative habits and overcoming her feelings of isolation in her life. She found that after just a few sessions she had allowed herself to develop negative habits that were not doing her or her family any good. After receiving coaching, she was able to stop and consider if the career path she had chosen 18 years ago was still the right path for her today. She also discovered that she is capable of navigating through challenges in life and instead of fear and dread; she is able to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead of her.

As part of our Career Coaching programs we also cover aspects such as:

We offer career coaching programs face to face in Chester as well as online via Skype.

Contact us either via email or by ringing 0771 5317142

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