Trained Business Coach offers business coaching in Cheshire to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are serious about growing their business, regain focus and motivation, beat procrastination and improve time management, have a good work life balance. Orietta operates in Chester and extends her services to Cheshire, Wirral, North Wales, Merseyside.



  • Have you been in business for some time and you need to renew focus and motivation to pursue business development?
  • Would you like to have support in creating an effective vision of where your business is heading in the next few years combined with a real action plan to guide you and keep you on track?
  • Is work life balance an issue?
  • How often do you procrastinate?
  • Is stress, frustration, anger or bad communication having an impact on yourself and/or your employees?

As a Business Coach Orietta provides you with help, support, practical strategies to ensure the best business development plan for your business.  With her 30 years’ experience owning and working for bigger and small enterprises, she helps you understand what areas of the business require more attention. Orietta creates with you a plan of action with practical steps  to achieve your goals. This gives you renewed business direction, focus and motivation to reach your objectives.  At the same time you can work to eliminate the barriers that may have prevented you to reach your business full potential.

After a few years of running my business here in Majorca, I found my motivation was a bit low and was lacking initiative to make my business more successful and  find new clients. It was almost as if I had lost my mojo and in turn my business direction. In Orietta I have found a professional, warm business coach and she helped me get back in touch with why I am in business. I have now long and short term goals which have given me focus and motivation. This is having an impact already with my marketing plans and new clients acquisition.” C.J. 

Orietta as an NLP Master has years of experience in utilizing techniques to manage the stress of running a business effectively, giving you time to enjoy your personal life, your family and friends and achieving a work/life balance that satisfies your needs. Increasing happiness in your life which will have a domino effect on your productivity and your achievements.

Orietta owned her first business when she was 19 in Italy. She has owned 4 businesses since then and worked with a variety of Small to Medium sized successful business owners in Italy and in the UK that are  already doing well in their business but that want to take that step further. After some years in business a lot of owners and entrepreneurs may have lost part of the initial joy in their work, or may be working so hard to the detriment of their private life because they lack work life balance. They may have developed procrastination, time management issues and other negative habits that without realising stop them from developing their business and enjoying it.

Orietta’s passion for business and for working with people helping and assisting them in their life journey is her major driver for success. She makes your goals her goal and is determined to help you succeed. Think about all the achievement you have had in your life, of how they made you feel and of what you accomplished as a result of that energy! Think back of how excited you were when you first started on your own. Now imagine if you could regain that focus and motivation, if you could get rid of all the negative habits that have been hindering your success and  how much quicker and easier if would be if you had a dedicated professional business coach working with you in attaining your objectives.

Orietta’ services as Business coach provides the best assistance to your needs via effective business coaching and entrepreneurs coaching for business growth and business development planning, increasing your focus and motivation and offering stress management courses for yourself and your employees.

Business Coaching Online:   As you probably run a very busy and hectic life and if your business far away from Chester or Cheshire, Wirral, North Wales, Merseyside or if your working hours allow you little time, you can still benefit from Business Coaching via  Facetime, Skype and on the phone as effectively as you would face to face. Some of Orietta’s clients are in Italy, Spain and other areas  of Europe.The sessions are exactly the same as if you were in the same office, leaving you more time to get on with your business and to put things straight into practice.

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